Scrambled Eggs and Ham

Yesterday morning while I was groggily scrambling eggs for breakfast on the first day of school for the boys after vacation, I thought about Grandma Mary doing the same for us a couple of months ago. It reminded me of a story my Mother-in-law, Caron, told me. She said that for years when she made a ham in the oven, she cut off both ends and put it in the pot. One day her mom (Grandma Mary) asked why she did that and Caron told her it was because “I saw you do that when you cooked a ham.” Grandma Mary replied, “Well that was because my pot wasn’t big enough- so I cut the ham to fit”.

My mother-in-law stopped cutting the edges off her ham. She took the new information with a chuckle, applied it to her life and we get more ham to eat:)

Sometimes we need to do the same thing with our beliefs about God and ask ourselves, “Are there things in my relationship with God that are based more on tradition or past experience than truth?”

I know in my life there has been many issues that when the time was right, God whispered in my heart and said, “Why are you doing that?” and followed it up with a gentle nudge to examine my belief and adjust it according to the truth.

He is so patient and loving. If God is pointing out a core belief in your life that needs to change it is because He wants you to walk in more truth and freedom.

“So if the Son sets you free, you are free through and through.”(John 8:36 MSG)

Jesus was talking to the religious Jews who thought they knew God. He was constantly challenging people to get out of a religious mindset and get into a relationship one. He does the same in our lives.

Be free to grow in your relationship with God, let go of the past and cook ham in a new way, if the situation calls for it.

2 thoughts on “Scrambled Eggs and Ham

  1. Angela McMichael says:

    This is so good, and so true. Many times I’ve found myself doing something/thinking something/believing something and been asked “Why are you doing that?” LOVE the ham illustration. Pretty sure that’ll stay with me til things stop staying with me.

    I love you

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