A Block of Wood

A blank page, a lump of clay, an untouched canvas, a block of wood. These are all things that an artist would look at and smile. Where another might see each thing for what it is, an craftsman sees it for what it might be, then goes to work creating it.

“Isn’t this the carpenter?”
(Mark 6:3 NIV)

The word used here means someone who is a builder, a craftsman, an artist using wood, words, song or stone.

Yes, this is the builder, the carpenter, my Savior.

A few things he might have learned as carpenter:

• there is a lot of potential in a block of wood
• it takes time and work to make something useable.
• the finest things are made from the hardest wood.

It takes the eye of an artist to see the potential of a fallen log, broken glass or unused canvas. It is the eyes of the creator himself who looks at you and smiles. He sees your potential and is at work to bring it out. He is willing to take the time and apply the skill needed. It is not easy work, things must be cut away before the beauty can come forth. He is not discouraged by your hard headed ness, but perseveres with joy to create a work of art with your life that will last and impact all who see it…indeed, a masterpiece.

Have a wonderful day with the great craftsman, the strong carpenter, the artist of your life. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t tell what you are being formed as. Just sit still, relax and trust the master craftsman skill.

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