First Monday

Good Morning, my friend.
How are you doing on this first Monday of the new year?

I am doing good. I rang in the new year snuggled in between two excited boys under the warmest softness white blanket that I got for Christmas. We all watched Kung Fu Panda 2 then watched the ball drop in Times Square a few minutes later. A few minutes after that, we dropped the boys in their beds after a hug, a kiss and a quick New Years Prayer.

I usually sleep in on New Year’s Day and wake up just in time to watch the last half the the Rose Parade on TV. But this year was different. We all got up early and groggily shuffled into the car. Then we drove though the quiet empty streets to Starbucks. Oh yes, nothing better a good cup of Awake Tea to start the year. After a stop at the McDonald’s drive through for the boys, we headed to the church.

On this special Sunday, instead of doing services for the Jr. High and High School, we pulled a team of students together and had them help us do two Children’s services for grades 1st-5th. The youth team did such a great job and it reminded me of the outreach days of long ago. During the second service and with everything running smoothly for the kids, I got to sneak out and sneak into the adult service for worship. I closed my eyes and got lost in the words of “I Surrender”.

Start as you mean to go.
Surrender is a good place to start.
In that moment, I surrendered my controlling fearful mind, my doubtful wavering heart, my aging and unpredictable body to God. I surrender. Less of me and more of God.

I missed the Rose Parade today, but I have to say, a sincere moment of surrender isn’t a bad way to start the new year off.

Have a wonderful first Monday!

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