Decisions, Decisions

This one sooooo good, I have to share with you all.

Out of The Dungeon

As I was visiting a friend a few weeks ago, we were driving along, and she said, “Don’t give me three routes.  Just give me one.”  I started thinking about how much easier our lives would be if we only had one way to go all the time.  No time wasted on trying to decide which way would be easier, faster, shorter.  What would our lives look like then?  Boring, uneventful, predictable.  I think for the majority of people, that would not suffice.  I think people are happy that they have choices and they do not have just one way to do things or go places.  I think we all just want to do what is familiar, easier, and faster, though.  So, if we think about the big picture regarding life, what is it we want?  Well, for me, I would like personal peace, contentment, love, and security.  I was one of many…

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