Let go

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, as you well know. Since we have moved up to Nor Cal and closer to Bobby’s family, the holidays have been spent driving to someone’s house with a side dish in hand. This year we are hosting and I am excited. Of course, this morning, I also woke up in a slight panic with a list forming in my mind of details I have yet to take care of.

When I was little, I loved the big Hanson Thanksgivings at my Aunt Joan’s house in Santa Barbara or the smaller gatherings with my mom’s side of the family usually at my Aunt Sheri’s house. I think I could write all day long about the warm memories of that time but who am I kidding? It will be a miracle if I get this post off and don’t have all day to write. I am excited to host this year because I know that each Thanksgiving is different and special. Sometimes it’s big and boisterous, other times quiet and low key. The ones spent with family are treasures, the ones spent with friends are gifts. The point is to take them as they are and enjoy each unique holiday.

There are so many expectations wrapped around the holidays. Expectations can be great and can open your heart to fully experiencing the event. Expectations can be a nightmare when they are tied to control. I want to have a perfect Thanksgiving this year. I want everyone who comes feel loved and blessed. But I know there are going to be many things I can’t control and that my expectations of myself could actually rob the joy from my day. The best thing to do with expectations (and the illusion of control) is to let them go.

Prepare the best you can, then enjoy the best you can.

“Let go because what you have is more important than what you don’t have.”

– Max Lucado, Grace for the Moment

Happy preparation day, my friends. I hope your home is prepared (if necessary) and your heart is prepared to enjoy every minute of whatever actually happens tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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