You just don’t know how valuable you are. You don’t see how vital it is that you live in love and love every single soul that comes within your reach. What you are doing, whether it is cleaning toilets, washing dishes, office work, being a barista or a nail technician – is valuable, important, priceless.

This morning I got to talk with my good friend, Brandie , and hear a story about a beautiful young woman who started coming to the City Impact Center in Vegas. This young woman was surviving the inner-city of Vegas as a prostitute and one night decided she needed help, so she texted God.  She texted “0” and figured it would get to Him.  It did. There is a power in prayer that we can not even comprehend. Whispered, shouted, sung or texted when prayer comes from an authentic place in the heart – God hears. Compelled to leave her pimp the next day, she packed her bags. She moved in with her grandfather, who went to church and started to try to live for God. She got baptized and began to volunteer down at the Impact Center. This was only a few months ago.  There is so much more to her story and I will share it with you soon.

But right now, I want you to understand how valuable you are.  That your life is woven in a tapestry of divine purpose and it is important for you to fulfill your part in it.

This young woman’s story is far from over. This last weekend a spiritual battle was fought over the life of this precious woman. Tired of being lonely and broke, she decided to go back to work as a prostitute – just two days to get caught up.  When Brandie saw her again, she was emotionally numb but told Brandie that even as she got ready to “back to work” that she could sense God pursuing her:

  • She accidentally texted Brandie, instead of her pimp.
  • When she went to get her nails done at a 24 hour nail salon that caters to prostitutes, the nail technition starting telling her that God loved her, that she was precious to Him.
  • A homeless woman stopped her to tell her that God had a purpose for her life.
Pray for her, her name is Ali. We want to see her get free and fulfill her true purpose.  She can sense that God wants to use her to reach other prostitutes and make a difference in the inner city. But she doesn’t know to even begin to try when the lure of her old life looms so large over her.
I think we underestimate God’s pursuit. His pursuit of us and those who are lost. God wants to use us to impact the world around us but we get distracted by lies and self-doubt. God is using a nail tech, a homeless woman, an amazing mom who is directing an after school program for inner- city kids to let this young woman know that she is loved by God.   I guarantee that He wants to use you right where you are.  You are His voice, His hands. You are made to love someone who doesn’t know how precious they are to God.
“I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God.”
Colossians 3:2
” My counsel for you is simple and  straight forward: Just go ahead with what you’ve been given. You received Christ Jesus, the Master; now live him.”
Colossians 2:6 msg

You don’t have to wait for an audible voice to do something for God. What is in your hands? Just go ahead with what you have been given and live Christ. His love transforms lives and you are called to be a part of it.

Today I am praying for Ali.

Today I am praying for all of us to be more aware of what God is doing and join Him in the pursuit.

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