In the middle of God Encounter Weekend

We are in day two of our God Encounter Weekend. I am about to teach the session on Sexual Purity, Breaking Unhealthy Bonds.

With a lawn mower buzzing outside and my spirit buzzing inside, this one session is one of the most heart breaking to go through. Why? Because when I look into the girls eyes and see their souls ravaged by rape, incest, the lies told by boys who wanted oral sex or more and the lies they believe about themselves because of it, my heart is broken for them.

You just don’t knew what someone has been through. The stories they tell no one. The secrets they keep. I am always honored to be trusted and so thankful that God opens up these old festering wounds to heal them. And he does. If he opens it up, he heals it up and begins the process to wholeness.

The freedom that was paid for on the Cross, is being applied in this room and I am so thankful to be apart of it.

I get to bring the truth, show the truth, pray that the truth shatters all the lies and bondage each young woman walks in with so that they can walk out in freedom.

I love God Encounter Weekends.

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