Focused attention…

Monday Mornings: first day of the school morning routine that has been all jacked up by the weekend routine, which changes every weekend.

Bobby was up and out by 4am to go fishing with his dad (today is his dad’s actual birthday) and my alarm didn’t go off. Of course, I didn’t really need an alarm because my hairy cocker spaniel whined from the minute Bobby left until I got up and the cat who saw that I was only half asleep thought since i was up, I should pet her in the dark of the predawn. Did I mention that Kyle had zombie nightmares at 1am? It was one of those nights. Did I sleep? The jury is still out on that one.

On mornings, especially Monday mornings, like this it is especially hard to deal with my ADHD child before his medication kicks in. He is all over the place, talking a mile a minute and can’t remember to finish the bite still on his fork so he can go get dressed. It is amazing what a difference the medication makes for him. It connects the dots of his life and he is able to finish one task before going on to another. It takes about 45 min to kick in so, I don’t get the benefit of it in the mornings but I do get it after school.

Kyle got frustrated this morning when Justin wouldn’t focus on what Kyle was saying. He would start to, then interrupt and start talking on a new subject. I touched Kyle’s arm and told him to give Justin a brake, the meds hadn’t kicked in yet. Kyle was still frustrated, still wanted to finish his story but gave Justin a little slack. Understanding helps.

I just dropped them off at school and they tore out of the car and ran full speed to their classrooms, not because they were late but just because.

Focus is something I took for granted before having Justin and it is easy to learn to live distracted. I live in an ADHD household, it is my normal. Once we really tackled how to help Justin with his ADHD, it help me understand all kinds of things about my world. Understanding helps. As Youth Pastors, I feel like we also live in an ADHD generation. The currency of today’s kids and most precious commodity in relationships across the board is focus. It is the connecting point of a relationship. It is what we are hungry for.

“The most desired gift of love is not diamonds or roses or chocolate. It is focused attention.”

– Rick Warren

Focused attention is the gift that only you can give and the one the people in your life crave the most. So, in the midst of all the distractions, I pray that you (and I) will create some treasured moments of focused attention on those we love.

I love you and am so very blessed that you are in my life. Thank you for taking the time to join me on this journey and I pray that God uses it to encourage you in yours.

Have a great day!!!

2 thoughts on “Focused attention…

  1. dawnpringle says:

    I worked with children for 3.5 years at my previous job who had ADHD as their main diagnosis. I work with children with ADHD when I’m schedued to do so at work. It’s a hard thing to deal with at times, but I admire any parent who can deal with it without sending their child to the hospital for “babysitting”. That’s what I see a lot. It’s sad, but I do believe all those poor babies need is someone one-on-one time and someone to listen, aka focused attention. Big hugs to you and your family.

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