School is in…

The boys have started school and I can’t believe I’m about to write the next sentance: It started too early!!! I had such a wonderful time hanging out with my kids that I really didn’t want school to start. This summer started off with my sis- in-law’s gorgeous wedding and ended with a last huray at the water park that is five minutes from my house, SunSplash. Sandwhiched in between these was a summer birthday party, a great camping trip, countless days spent at  SunSpash and a day at the movies when we saw Toy Story 3 ( which I cried through the last ten minutes of).

With the sun still high in the sky and with the August heat just deciding to make an appearance, school for the boys is in session. For me personally, school has in session all summer.

At the beginning of the warm, but not brutal summer (except for the few days we did the Fireworks Booth and the heat was miserable) I was enjoying my “full-time” mom status. I think because I have been working full-time outside the home for most of the boys lives, I am especially appreciative of the luxury of having time to just play and take care of them. But somewhere around the second week of summer, a listlessness set in. A discontent I couldn’t label. In fact it was during the misery of 103 degree days during the Fireworks Booth that I picked up a journal. The cover reminds me of Joseph’s coat of many colors and I unofficially named it my “freedom journal”. I needed a place to write and work through all my feelings, ugly and pretty, happy and sad, frustrated and joyful feelings. A place to be brutally honest and get down to the nitty gritty of my soul.

The journals on my phone were unavailable to me (they were using my phone as a credit card machine for the booth) and a computer was not an option.

Lesson #1

Must write.

When I don’t write and have a way pour out my heart through the delicious medium of words, my spirit gets anorexic. So I picked up the ole pen and paper and made a promise to myself to never be without the ability to write.

Lesson #2

Must Trust.

Early one morning, while wrestling with this discontent I opened the Bible and landed on a Psalm 37:4-7. This deserves an entire blog devoted to it but for now I’m only going to focus on the first verse. It cracked open my listlessness and hope shined in:

Trust the Lord. Dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness.

When you don’t know what is going on in your heart – trust. Chill. Continue to do what you are doing, where you are at and know that God has a plan, and knows what is happening. If He hasn’t revealed it to you yet, he will.

I have so much to share with you and I will, but for now we are going to stop there and jump to the end of the summer for the big announcement:

I am going to head up our college/20 somethings ministry here at our church (pause for happy dance). Bobby & I are the Student Ministries Pastors at the church and under him, I will focus on 20 somethings, while he focuses on Jr. High and High School. I think part of the listless journey was to open me up to taking on this challenge. I am ready. You know I love this age group. I love the team I’ll be working with. I am excited.

But I wasn’t ready at the beginning of the summer. I wasn’t excited about anything. But with each day, God  has breathed his love and passion into my spirit and has been doing a huge work in me.  He has taught me the precious lessons I desperately needed to know to be ready and be at the place I am now.

School is in session… wherever you are at, I pray that the lessons I’ve have learned with encourage you in your journey.

I can’t wait to really start to unwrap it for you!!!!!

2 thoughts on “School is in…

  1. Cassi says:

    Oh Cindy!!! I’ve missed your blogs. But I’m glad you are back! 🙂 I am so excited for you to be overseeing the college ministry…and I think I’m excited because I know you are so excited (because really there is no other reason since I am in no way involved in college ministry). I know God will use you to do amazing things!!!

  2. Brandie Watson says:

    I am so excited for you and jealous of all those 20 somethings that get to learn amazing things under someone who is real and authentic and only teaches what God is teaching or has taught her first. Just make sure your tech-savvy hubby has it live-streaming on some web site for those of us who miss hearing God speak through you!

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