birthday blog…

I gotta do a Birthday Blog right?

Yesterday I turned 39 years old- man, that is painful to type. Painful and yet a bit freeing.

Why painful? Why is aging so hard to admit? Yet, isn’t it exactly what we hope for- a long, wonderful, full life? Do I want to be young or stay young? Good Lord No! But I want to be beautiful and stay beautiful. I’m vain enough to say that truthfully and wise enough to know that beauty is more than how I look on the outside. I certainly don’t want to relive my youth, although it is distressing to witness what is happening to my body as it changes- metabolism, gravity, and what for heaven’s sake what is happening to my skin?

I think it’s the changes that I want to halt, more than age itself.

I love who I am now, who I have become as I’ve lived, learned,experienced things, prayed through and fought through life’s challenges. I wouldn’t trade anytime in my life for this one.

There’s a quote I love about getting older: “Inside every older woman is a 35 year old woman wondering what the heck happened”.


“35 is when you finally get everything together in the inside and then everything on the outside falls apart”

Love that, cause that is exactly how it feels 🙂

Why it is freeing to fully own up to my age? One, because it’s the truth and I’m a terrible liar. Two, because I’M 39 YEARS OLD!!!!!!! I’ve lived an amazing life so far. I’m smack in the middle of raising two wonderful boys and after being married to my husband for fifteen years still love to kiss him. I have amazing friends, a great family and have gotten to live a bunch of soul and spirit dreamt moments.

I’m still dreaming and still have so many things I want to do.

When you are little, birthdays are these wonderful events that are full of mystery, “What presents will I get, who will come to my party, what will I do for my birthday?” Then as each year passes and circumstances change, birthdays can become disappointments or blaring reminders of all that has hasn’t happened yet.

Then a wonderful day arrives and you wake up to a birthday where you are old enough (and wise enough) to look around your life and celebrate what it has become. You appreciate all the amazing people that have touched and enriched it and are overwhelmingly grateful for every year you’ve spent on earth.

That was my day yesterday.

“Life is not made of milestones, but of moments”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank you Lord, for all the amazing moments that I’ve lived so far and thank you for the many more to come.

And friends, may your next birthday be the one that you celebrate the wonders that have made up your life so far and the magical moments that you have yet to live.

Love you and I’m so thankful for you.

3 thoughts on “birthday blog…

  1. laura says:

    Yay for determination! 39 is where you get to sit on top of the hill and enjoy the view. 40,41 is when you start sliding down the other side. lol. I can’t wait to read you’re blog on your 40th!

    My quote for the day. “You appreciate all the amazing people that have touched and enriched it and are overwhelmingly grateful for every year you’ve spent on earth.”
    I want to feel this way all the time. 🙂

    I’m glad you had wonderful birthday and looking forward to celebrating with you soon.
    Love you friend, Laura

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