a little bit…

Just a little bit, that’s all I need. A tiny bite of a dream or a glimpse of a idea. A crumb of hope, that is all.

I’ve been reading and studying in Galations right now and loving it. In chapter five, verse six , there is this short little phrase that has captivated my attention:

“The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love” NIV

It is like having a keychain packed full of all these huge keys and on it is this little tiny one. You know- there is always the random tiny key on your keychain that probably goes to a padlock somewhere that maybe you lost but your afraid to throw it out…just in case. Anyway, on this packed keychain you find a little tiny key and then come to find out that it unlocks the safe where all the richest treasures are stored. The cabinet that holds the crown jewels. You just never would have guessed that it was this key that unlocked it.

Five little words=big impact in my life.

It is “faith expressing itself through love”.

Why is this cool? Because sometimes I don’t feel loving. Sometimes I feel tired. Sometimes I feel discouraged and depleted. When I’m at that place and am feeling like positive change is more like turning the Titanic than turning a key, a little faith goes a long way.

A little dreaming makes a big difference.

If I can find just a little bit of the dream (Why did I get married? What possesed me to thinking was going to be a good mom? Why do I want to exersize again,etc..) , I can also find little ways of expressing those dreams through love.

I can dream a little.
I can put those dreams into action through love.
I can have faith in God and His power in my life.

I remember why I wanted to marry my husband and what I dreampt married life would like. I can take that, add a bit of faith to it and then do something with it. Find a way to express it.

I can hope that today I’ll be a better mom than I was yesterday. I know what I want it to look like- I can take that, add a pinch of faith and do something.

What counts more than money, things, activities, entertainment or even a clean house?

What counts is faith expressing itself through love.

If you need faith for your situation, I know a place you can get it- in His arms. If you need to remember the dream- ask God, he drempt it first. If you need hope and bit of enouragement, He is the God of hope.

All I need is a mustard seed size of faith and it could move a mountain. A bit of hope to light the fire of love once again or touch the authentic heart within.

What a relief it is to know that I just need a little bit.

I can do that. He can do the rest.

2 thoughts on “a little bit…

  1. Ashley Greer says:

    Thank you Cindy for your encouraging words!
    They always come at the perfect time to remind us that we are not alone! We are all fighting the good fight of faith together!

    Love you!

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