Visiting the dream

“God provides the wind but man must raise the sails” – Saint Augustine

I am raising the sails! It’s terrifying and wonderful.

A bit ago a friend of mine challenged me to “name it”. To write down what my dream is. It took me awhile, and in the process God challenged me to continually ‘visit the dream.’ Visit before you pray. Visit before you plan or put down words. Visit the place I dwell. Visit the voice of your calling. And you know that place because it is the place you feel peace and enthusiasm, passion and purpose. Revisit the moments of connection to your dream. Those moments that you lived within it’s vibrant colors, moved within my Spirit and breathed life. Visit the dream yet to be. The portrait your heart creates as you move into it’s frame.”

When I revisit those moments that I did indeed live the dream, I remember seeing the breakthroughs in their eyes. The tears of healing falling down their faces. I remember them taking that first hard step toward the altar and leaving that altar with an amazing smile on their face.

I relive the moments of surrendering my rights and reasons before speaking and opening my spirit up to obedience to the One I trust.

I remember the words pouring forth out of my mouth proclaiming a passionate new revelation from God’s Word. Being able to communicate with simplicity and clarity the reality of God’s presence, power and promises.

When I visit the dream of the future, I see the faces I am preaching to. I see their lives, and the Word of God empowering them to love, to live in joy. To listen no more to lies, but embrace the truth. To see them fight the good fight, the right fight.

I see the restoration at the altars. I see hearts being healed even in their seats as God gives them a key to unlock an new area of freedom in their life. I see hope in eyes that have given up years ago. I see faith and prayer reborn lit with new passion and hope.

I see young girls grasping their worth and strengthening their purpose. To give them a reason to cherish themselves and that reason is that they are cherished by God.

I see young women who are trying to find their place in the world and feeling the fear of having to fend for themselves, finding peace and security in the arms of Christ. I see them laying down the things that they have used to unsuccessfully protect themselves from being abused and hurt. I see them receiving healing from the hands of the Savior and restoration to become who God created them to be.

I see moms of young ones, who are being pushed to limits they didn’t know existed, come to a place they can recieve rest and assurance. As their identity is being challenged and changed on a daily basis, I see them finding security in Christ and hope in that season.

I see women who are struggling with infertility and the chaos of emotions that come with it being set free from fear and relased from the doubt that God loves them, knows them and has not forgotten them.

I see women who are moms of teenagers, encouraged.

I see women who are entering the empty nest season, rediscovered.

I see women who are older renew their dreams or dream new ones.

I see healing happening in every season.

I see single women set free to be.

I see married women set free to be.

I see all women set free to be who God has created them to be in the season they are in.

This is the dream I dream, the prayer I pray and destiny I chase.

What dream do you visit?

I love to hear from you and appreciate every comment!

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