Cindy Grasso


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Don’t Get Distracted

Have you gotten distracted and discouraged by how difficult things are for you today? Does if feel like nothing is going right, nothing is working

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Created to Feel

When the hurt gets overwhelming and when the betrayal stings, it seems easier to let your heart go hard. A numb heart is a hard

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In Every Situation

My friend, you can have a relationship with God and still get stuck in a mental tornado of worry and fear. “Do not be anxious

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What is important about having goals is having the right ones. It is so easy to get distracted with the wrong ones. My friend, don’t waste your

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Lean On Him

Life often demands that you keep going even when you are tired. When you are burdened with grief, you still have to go to work.

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I Forgive

When Jesus talked about prayer, He talked about forgiveness. “In prayer there is a connection between what God does and what you do. You can’t

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Use Your Gifts

God has given you all kinds gifts. Some come through as talent. Others are revealed through character. Some are gifts to you as well as through you

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Pray and Wait

What does it mean to pray and wait? It means that instead of trying to hold on to what you are afraid of letting go of,

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The Real You

Jesus loves you, the real you. Not the one you think you should be but the person you actually are with all the contradictions within

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