Cindy Grasso


God’s love is real and living in His love for you is the definition of freedom. It is what Jesus came for and was sacrificed for. He paid a debt He did not owe because we owed a debt we could not pay. Jesus rose again for the dead three days later and is alive to make you alive.

Alive to God. 

Alive to hope. 

Alive to freedom.

Freedom in Christ is a whole new life. He demolished the power of sin but the pattern of sin in our lives remains.  Your flesh, old nature and false self is steeped deep in old habits, temptations, and thought patterns that are set in it through years of experience and practice. Knowing Jesus means that you are learning from Him how to live in a new way, to love in a new way, to think in a new way. Don’t give up when it gets difficult. You are unquestionably free, it just takes time and perseverance to work out this truth in your life.

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