Cindy Grasso

The Gatherer

Psalms 147:2 states, “Yahweh builds up Jerusalem; he gathers up the outcasts and brings them home.” (TPT)

From whatever city God’s chosen ones had escaped to or had been dragged to in exile, they came back.

Because of their sin, they had been cast out.

Because of His faithfulness, He gathered them back.

After 70 years of being exiled from the beloved city of Jerusalem, the children of Israel came back. The city was in shambles, and had been destroyed and occupied by enemies. It was no longer the shining city of God’s people. But it was only for a time. He promised to bring them back, and He did.

God keeps His promises.

God promised a Messiah and sent Jesus.

God promised that all nations would be blessed through Abraham’s line, and today all nations have sons and daughters of God within them. 

All outcasts are gathered into His family through Jesus Christ.

No matter how far from God someone you love is today – God is the gatherer of outcasts.  Maybe they are lost in their sin and exiled from the life of the beloved. Their life is in shambles and their heart has been destroyed and occupied by the enemy.  

God is the gatherer of outcasts. 

He rebuilds lives and reaches out with His love to call His precious children home. 

Don’t give up on them.

God hasn’t.

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