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Where to Look

Just like a snare is laid in the forest to catch a rabbit, an emotional snare can trip you up and hold you hostage.  It’s frustrating and if you can’t get out of it, it can be crippling. Maybe it is a small but strong string of hurt, fear, or unforgiveness wrapped around your heart that is tripping you up.  Maybe it was set by someone else by unkind action or word. Maybe it was something you inadvertently set for yourself when you made an inner vow to never trust again or never ask for help because you got rejected.

Psalm 25:15 says, “My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare.”
There is a point in your life when you realize that God is the only one who can release you from a snare.
The one who hurt you, can’t heal you.

You may think that if you hear the words, “I’m sorry,” you will be healed. Giving and receiving the words, “I’m sorry,” can pave the way to reconciliation but in truth, words are not what you need to be released.  You don’t need an apology to be set free, you need Jesus to heal your heart. He made it and will remake it as you let Him.
Where are you looking for healing? Who are your eyes on? If they are anywhere else but on the Lord, you will be disappointed and frustrated.

Look to Jesus to release you from the snare that is holding you back.  Keep your eyes on Him. He will release you from the snare and heal the wound it caused. It will take time but you can trust that He is faithful to finish what He starts.

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  1. This is reminding me of John Bevere’s book the Bait of Satan where he talks about offense is Satan’s trap for us. If he can get us to be offended, we are in his trap. Forgiveness and healing are the better way!

    1. Rhonda, John Bevere’s Book is so good and helped me years ago let go of a sneaky offense. Yes, Forgiveness and healing are the better way. Thank you for commenting!

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