Cindy Grasso

The Empty Tomb

After seeing the empty tomb for himself and the linen that had been wrapped around the crucified body of Jesus neatly folded on the stone slab, John’s soul must have reeled in shock and joy. He records this moment in John 20:8,“Then the other disciple who had reached the tomb first went in, and after one look, he believed!” (TPT)

He knew in that moment that Jesus was so much more than he could comprehend and what happened on the cross was so much more than an innocent prophet unjustly dying. No, what John just witnessed and been a part of for the last three years, was the fulfillment of Scripture and the work of the redemption of mankind completed through Christ.

Until that moment, the Apostle John grieved his Rabbi and the dream of what Jesus would become for the Jewish people. After seeing the empty tomb, his eyes and his heart were open to see Jesus for who He was: the Messiah, the Christ, his Savior and the Lord of all. More than a teacher, Jesus was the Son of God. More than a miracle worker, Jesus was the Savior. More than hope for the short time of a short life, Jesus was the creator of life itself and the Eternal One.

The empty tomb is the undeniable event where faith bursts forth and lives are transformed. It is at the empty tomb that we all come to see and believe that Jesus is who He said He was.

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