Cindy Grasso

Grace When You Need It

What do you have to do today? Whatever the work God has given you to do in this season of your life, He will also give you His unending grace to do it.  He will give you the perspective, energy and love to do the great work before you. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 15:10-11 that “It was God giving me the work to do and God giving me the energy to do it.” (MSG)

You may think you only have small things to do but the secret is that it is the smallest of things that take the most grace. Doing the dishes, creating the report, feeding your family, being attentive during a boring meeting, cleaning, serving a cup of cold water to child, all these and more take great grace.  When you love others, you are a part of the divine work of God on this earth. When you honor them, no matter who they are, you extend His grace where it is most needed. When you leave judgment behind and lead with mercy, you show His heart to the hurting (and everyone is hurting). It is not your job to change people or save people, that is God’s. Your job is to love them and God’s job is to transform them. My friend, you don’t have to figure out how God’s grace works, you just have to extend it lavishly on the hurting and broken  – which is everyone you meet.


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