Cindy Grasso

Love Is Large

Agape Love is.

Agape Love does.

Agape Love lives large with mercy and grace.

Agape Love patiently endures immaturity and ignorance.

Agape Love is kind to those who don’t deserve it and to those who do.

Agape Love is more than affection and attraction, deeper than family bonds, stronger than lifelong friendship, and infinitely more than you can ask or imagine.

After making the case that Agape love is vital to all of life, the Apostle attempts to describe how to recognize it in ourselves and others. He writes, “Love is large and incredibly patient. Love is gentle and consistently kind to all.” 1Corinthians 13:4a TPT

From here on, you can easily replace “Agape Love” with “Jesus.” In Jesus we see love in action, we see love divine, we watch Jesus live large in mercy and grace, patiently endure immaturity and ignorance, be kind to those who don’t deserve it and show us the highest form of Love – one that will sacrifice itself for the good of others. We see Jesus love even when He was rejected and laid down His life for all, whether they receive His love or not.

He empowers us to love like this.

His love through you.

His power to do the impossible.

His grace to help you love in the most difficult of circumstances.

May His divine, eternal, agape love fill and flow through you, strengthening you to love large and be kind in the worst of circumstances.

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