Cindy Grasso

Forget It

Forget what is behind you.

Forget the mistakes that happened yesterday, the words of condemnation that haunt you, the plans that failed no matter how hard you tried and the way you used to live before you met Jesus.

Forget them.

You have a Father who forgives you, a Savior that walks with you and the Divine Spirit within you to empower you to live as you were created to.

You are connected to the Almighty God through Jesus and loved passionately by Him.

Through the good times and bad times, the easy times and the hard times.

There will be hard times but you will not experience them alone.

You will be triggered to react the same ways you have in the past but press pause when the trigger hits and lean into your very present Lord.

When things get difficult, instead of focusing on all the things you are not, focus on all that God is.

God didn’t choose you because someday you would be perfect. 

He chose you because He loves you and He is more than enough for the both of you. 

Love God for who He is and let Him love you for who you are: His child, who He loves and is already proud of. 

“But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,” PHILIPPIANS 3:13 NIV

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  1. I love to read these words replacing all the”you “ words with I and me!!! So encouraging 🩵. Try it for yourself 😊 read through this out loud saying I and me and hear how sweet it is❣️

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