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Pray For Others.

“Deliver Israel, O God, from all their troubles!” Psalms 25:22 NIV

In this beautiful passage from Psalms 25:22, King David closes this prayer by calling upon God to deliver and redeem Israel from all their troubles. It is a heartfelt plea for God’s intervention and protection for His chosen people. It amazes me that a prayer written thousands of years ago is as powerful and relevant today as it was then. With all that is going on right now in Isreal, I am praying this prayer for them and I invite you to join me.

What stands out to me about this prayer is the selflessness of David’s request. Despite being in the midst of his own difficulties, David takes the time to express concern and care for the welfare of God’s people as a whole. He acknowledges that God’s mercy and help extend not only to him but to the entire nation. It illustrates his deep understanding of God’s ways and shows us David’s humble attitude as he prays. Instead of becoming consumed with his own problems, David remains focused on God and His purposes. In times of trial, it can be all too easy to become self-absorbed and solely concerned with our own struggles. However, David reminds us that true wisdom lies in seeking God’s guidance and caring for others in our prayers.

“Zealously, God, we ask you to come save Israel from all her troubles, for you provide the ransom price for your people!” Psalms 25:22 TPT

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  1. So where I have been praying for the welfare of others in turmoil; isn’t Jesus the ‘ransom price’ already paid?

    1. Bonnie,
      Absolutely! In fact, I wanted to dive into that amazing truth and how here in this verse is the promise of the Messiah, who is Jesus Christ, who is the ransom price for His people and for all people. Now that I have put it so simply here, I should have just added it but at the time I was having a hard time getting the words right. It was getting so much longer than just a minute.

      Thank you for your comment!

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