Cindy Grasso

God’s Unwavering Faithfulness

“May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, Lord, is in you.”
Psalms 25:21 NIV

In recognizing the magnitude of the situation he faces, David acknowledges that only God Himself can provide the protection he needs. When David wrote these words, he recognized that he couldn’t rely solely on his own integrity or faithfulness but only on God’s.  Instead of trusting himself, he chose to put his hope and trust in God. David understood that any other source of trust would be nothing but foolishness.

What I find beautiful about David’s perspective is how he portrays God’s character and faithfulness like bodyguards surrounding him in the midst of trouble. God’s character, love, mercy and grace becomes like bodyguards in our lives, surrounding us, protecting us no matter what evil or injustice we are facing.

My friend, I am praying that you will place your unwavering trust in God’s unwavering faithfulness and that you would let God bear the burden of whatever is weighing heavy on your heart.  I pray that the truth of God’s love for you echos in your heart and guides you as you face life’s trials with the security and assurance that only God can provide.

“Your perfection and faithfulness are my bodyguards, for you are my hope and I trust in you as my only protection.”
Psalms 25: 21 TPT

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