Cindy Grasso

Trust God

My friend, you are made to be boldly confident in your Creator.

He not only sees what could happen now, but He also sees what could happen in the future…if you trust Him.

Psalm 37:3 says, “Trust in the Lord and do good;” (NLT)

My friend, you can trust God today.

You can trust God’s love for you.

You can trust His purposes for your life.

You can trust that God loves you relentlessly and is setting up the long term victory for you, not just the short term solution you are looking for.

My friend, trust God and do good.

Get moving.

Serve others.

Be proactive.

Be creative. 

Be productive and creative right where you are, while you wait for God to work.

Don’t be so focused on what you can’t see about the future that you miss what God wants to do right now.

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