Cindy Grasso

Impossible Situations

 Shortly before dawn, Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake.” Matthew 14:25


Today, you may feel like you are facing a storm and looking at an impossible situation.

Good news: your Savior knows how to handle it.

He knows how to do impossible things.

He is called Savior for a reason.

After feeding the 5000 and sending His disciples to the other side, Jesus got alone and prayed.

He got with His Father until He was ready to join them.

Then He went down to the shore and faced the storm.

He didn’t look for a boat or wait until He found one, He just walked right into the storm and walked on the water.

Jesus can do what no man can do.

He will help you face the impossible.

Before you face the day, get face to face with Jesus.

He will bring you through it.

He knows the way.

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