Cindy Grasso

Wonder of Heaven

Have you accessed God’s power today?

Hebrews 12:28 reminds us that, “Since we are receiving a Kingdom that is unshakable, let us be thankful and please God by worshipping him with holy fear and awe.” 

When we worship God and fill our hearts with gratitude, we open our hearts to be filled with the unshakable kingdom of God. 

A kingdom not of this world but one that heals it, changes it, transforms it. 

Worship fills us with the wonder of heaven and an awe for the one who left heaven to rescue a lost world. 

When we worship Jesus, He fills our hearts with His love and our lives with His power. 

My friend, may we be so full of heaven that it overflows into moments of awe in the mundane moments of our day and make them…heavenly.

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